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It is very similar to because both are based on the LDAP standard. So, anyone who has experience in running AD will be able to adapt to working with Apache Directory. The most notable feature of the Apache Directory system is that it is free to use, so it is accessible to even the smallest business.

What are examples of account management?

  • Build long-term relationships with customers based on trust, respect and value.
  • Communicate with clients to understand their needs and provide the details and value of products and services.

The application also uses social network data to keep your contact profiles up to date with the most recent images, interests, employment, and locations. Shape Software provides cloud-based key management software with various tools to optimize online marketing and promotions via SMS, email marketing, and other marketing services. Shape software provides services to well-known firms such as Google, Capterra, SelectHub, etc. Since CRM plays such an important role in your organization, it’s essential to find an account management software that supports both your sales team’s workflows and your company’s strategic goals. Salesforce Essentials provides you with sales, marketing and account management functionality for up to 10 users. It includes lead assignment, opportunity monitoring and customizable reports, and email integration for ease of communication.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Provide sales coaching that is unique to your products and solutions to maintain the competitive advantage. Plan, Schedule and Execute every business critical meeting in Salesforce. Gather ‘Actionable Intelligence” to maintain the competitive advantage. Build informative, robust and dynamic org charts, know where you stand with every stakeholder in every account and opportunity.

Formerly known as Freshsales, Freshworks is a 360-degree platform with an interactive user interface. This tool helps business owners to manage multiple sales, marketing, and customer support processes. Its AI-based deal insights enable reps to identify high-potential leads that are most likely to become paying customers. You can also create personalized customer experiences using its robust lead engagement and account management features. Account management is the end-to-end process in a B2B organization that combines the sales and post-sales touchpoints. In the past, account management has been seen as a solely post-sales activity, however in recent years the most successful B2B organizations have taken a more holistic view.

The Team plan

Improve forecasting accuracy, achieve higher win rates, and reduce Account Management Software & Account Management Toolsperson churn. “The” solution for your sales organization brings together CRM, benchmarking, analytics, competitive SWOT’s, sales strategies, action plans and much more! Effectively benchmark your opportunities and contacts with a simple scoring system. You will be able to quickly gauge the status of your opportunities, buying committee, sales team utilization, and win/loss ratio. Easily apply and maintain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your competition. Answer a series of questions around the current state of the opportunity and the appropriate strategy is revealed with coaching.

  • LeadMaster is an all-in-one customer relationship management and lead management software solution.
  • It offers end-to-end account management solutions for activity tracking, communicating with clients through phone, email, and text, and data management.
  • Account Managers – These users use the system to build relationships with customers by managing interactions as well as providing customer-specific solutions.
  • The ADAudit Plus tool isn’t free, but you can get it on a 30-day free trial.
  • If they perform as expected to justify the resource allocation, then continue on.

You can also try investing in a video platform such as Loom so you can create personalized videos for prospecting and relationship-building. From here, you should also schedule recurring check-ins with the client to get their feedback, address any issues, and find areas for improvement. This section should cover how much this account is currently worth, which opportunities you’ve lost, won, where you see potential revenue growth and your projected value for those opportunities.

Customer Frontlines

A significant part of an account manager’s job involves placing or receiving calls for upselling, cross-selling, or being available to assist clients. Having a phone within the CRM makes it easy to centralize work activity in one interface. With the phone system, users can dial or call directly from a contact or account record through click-to-dial. A key account manager often provides dedicated resources, innovative offers, and occasional meetings to turn customers into business partners. A dedicated key account team and company-wide support are required for successful key account management.

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