6 Best C# C-Sharp Online Courses for Beginners in 2023 by javinpaul Javarevisited

Once a class has been written, created, and debugged, it can be distributed to other programmers for use in their own programs. This is called reusability; in .NET terminology, this concept is called a component or a DLL. In OOP, however, inheritance provides an essential extension of the idea of reusability.

This concept is often expressed as “one interface, multiple actions.” The exact nature of circumstances determines the specific action. In this article, we will learn how to write code for Classes and Objects, Constructors and Destructors, Function Overloading, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Interface, and Polymorphism in C# and .NET. The author delves into the runtime environment and asynchronous programming. The users get firsthand experience with Entity Framework and LINQ to query data structures. There is a special section for impatient readers to build a game without reading the whole book thoroughly. The reader gets hands-on practice and ties the mini-concepts into a full-fledged program.

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The course will also help you to prepare for your technical interviews. Just Programming C# 6 Lessons, explained clearly from the basics to the advanced concepts. The entire course syllabus consists of names of indie games, and for each demo game you build, you are given a set of challenges. Next, comes the .NET Framework and how C# can be used to create .NET applications. Another plus is that this class is intended for beginners with little or no knowledge or C# or .NET.

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He was approved as an international standard by ECMA in 2002. It was a breakthrough as there was no open source before C#. C# language is helpful in Mobile applications, Desktop applications, Web services websites, Web applications, Games, and VR. In C#, memory address pointers can only be used within blocks specifically marked as unsafe, and programs with unsafe code need appropriate permissions to run. An unsafe pointer can point to an instance of an ‘unmanaged’ value type that does not contain any references to garbage-collected objects, array, string, or a block of stack-allocated memory. Code that is not marked as unsafe can still store and manipulate pointers through the System.IntPtr type, but it cannot dereference them.

HyperionDev – C# Programming Essentials

The Beginning Game Programming with C# course from Coursera.org is all about learning how to develop games in C#. This is an advanced course, so while it’s not impossible to jump right in, it might be a bit frustrating for beginners. This course from CertificationGuru.in provides a solid foundation and covers the fundamentals skills required to design and develop object-oriented applications. You can choose your degree of difficulty before you start by selecting whether you are a beginner or have previous programming experience. It also lets you choose the languages you already know and then modifies your course accordingly. This C# tutorial from javatpoint.com is quite extensive and comes with a prerequisite that you have a basic working knowledge of C.

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